Why S • CON Logistics?

Because, we enable you to complete your projects successful, in an efficient and economic way. Together with us, you will achieve:


The logistics quality, which is needed to satisfy you and your customers; because our solutions are consequently focussed on your and your customers quality requirements.

>>> Quality becomes a competitive advantage for you.

Safe and flexible logistics solutions, because the combination of your business know how and knowledge of the market and our experience and competency will lead to practicable, best fit solutions.

>>> You can fulfill, what your marketing is promising to your customers.


Low and flexible logistics costs, because we know how to deal with the market, the methods and the technology, in order to reduce costs sustainable and make them more flexible.

>>> You will be able to increase your capability to compete.


A high quality level of planning, because what we promise, is confirmed by reality. This is proved by our successful previous projects.

>>> Your future decisions will be based on a solid foundation.


An efficient and quick project execution, because we have a longtime experience in project management, the necessary know how to avoid the “pitfalls” of project work and know the fastest way to reach the targets.

>>> Your logistics project will turn out to be a success - quick and safe.


Last but not least, we would like you - our partners - to have fun, making projects with us; that makes life easier.

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