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The “overall best logistic system” does not exist. The tailored, optimized logistic system, based on specific logistical requirements and targets, does exist.

Our planning procedure implies, to capture the operational logistical environment and to determine the targets, together with our client. Consequential we develop a concrete logistical requirement profile. The matching, optimized logistics system with corresponding process reliability, performance, flexibility and costs is step by step mutually developed.

S • CON target orientated working methodology leads to a short planning period, efficient and easy to realize, practical systems, combined with a low project investment.

Fields of Planning:

  • Intralogistics (production, warehousing, internal transportation)
  • Site planning (all facilities)
  • General planning (integrated building- and logistics-systems)
  • Prozess optimization (physics, documents, flow)
  • Design / optimize / modernize → storage-, material-flow-, oragnization- and  IT-systems
  • Simulation services
  • Sales support for logistics service providers (3PL)

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